I like hundreds of others stayed with a well-known insurance provider way to long. For many reasons. It was easier, convenient, no time to take a deep dive into other available options, but mostly because I believed 20 years meant something.  So, year after year I would automatically renew the many policies.

Finally realizing that my prior agent was looking after their company more than my family. We didn’t have annual discussions about the changes taking place, or that perhaps I was under insured on some policies and over on many others. Nope just send in the premium.

I really didn’t know how to change because it seemed like everyone was an expert but with no data or options.

That’s when a trusted firm I had used for other life changes recommended I called Kelly at Insurance Specialists of Colorado.  Upon talking to Kelly, we looked deep into my family’s needs and concerns, and she called me back for a follow-up meeting.

She presented 3 options that would meet my criteria.  Then we took a deeper dive into each one and produced a plan that was just for me. Unlike any other time in the past 40 years of dealing with so many “agents,” I can’t thank her enough for her knowledge, professionalism, and many conversations making sure everything was still on track.  With me in the mix of additional changes I foresee a long and welcoming future.