Auto Insurance


Vehicles are created more complex than ever, and there are many unique coverage options available. We take the time to discuss the details of your policy so you feel confident in your insurance protection.

There are many things to consider when insuring your vehicle.  The main coverage items on your policy include:

  • Bodily-injury liability. This coverage pays for someone else’s legal damages if you are at fault. The cost for this coverage is minimally impacted by the age of your vehicle. If anything, companies charge more for older cars due to fewer safety features.
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist (“UM”). This coverage pays your bodily-injury legal damages if another driver is at fault and does not have adequate bodily-injury liability coverage. Similar to liability coverage, the cost for UM coverage does not decrease as a vehicle gets older.
  • Medical. This coverage pays for your medical bills, regardless of fault. Similar to the two prior coverages, the cost for this coverage does not decrease as a car gets older.
  • “Comprehensive” – a/k/a Physical damage coverage for “other than collision”. This covers damage to your vehicle that is not the result of a “collision”. Age matters here. However, it only matters if your car is deemed a total loss – then the insurance company would pay less for an older car. Most claims do NOT result in a total loss. Rather, most claims are repair situations, and the cost of repairs (parts and labor), generally increases each year.
  • Collision. This covers damage to your vehicle that is the result of a collision. The same answer for comprehensive applies here. Most accidents do not result in a total loss.

Our agents are also very dedicated with providing the right coverage while still saving you premium dollars. We take the time to personally assess your individual situation and present you with the coverages and limits that properly protect you and your family.